Trump is a Willing Partner with the Devil

Not too long ago, Trump implied that someone should shoot Hillary to stop her from appointing Supreme Court justices. On another site, one user defended this remark, saying:

Trump hasn’t said anything out loud that hasn’t been hinted at, whispered and talked around by countless others in the Tea-publi-con party over the past several decades.

Bring evil to the surface

I agree. And that’s why I believe it’s good that Trump is running. It’s good to air this evil. While it was underground, it just circulated among the weak-minded. In the public sphere, we can add good and thoughtful perspectives. Even wisdom. They’ll hear bits of it and finally have a little choice.

Trump is doing America a great service. Newt Gingrich and Roger Ailes nurtured a great evil in seeking power and money at all costs. They sacrificed morality, including truth, honesty, decency, and civility. They built a culture that trains people not to question lies. They built a culture of hatred and anger, a force dividing and weakening America. Instead of this mostly circulating among right-wing extremists who justify it, Trump has elevated it to center stage.

In this election, evil is competing for dominance. And it has a chance of winning. We can’t even rely on our usual trust in a father figure to save us. Up against this evil is a woman who has been maligned in every way imaginable. They’ve been cultivating this hatred of her for a long time. It has even corrupted many who are outside their party. And they’re partnering with bigotry, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.

The Devil’s place in Trump’s campaign

Assume for a moment that the Devil is real. Pope Francis says, the Devil draws us into negativity, cynicism, and meanness of spirit– essential elements of Trump’s campaign. Couple with this two of the seven deadly sins. Their pride lets them judge based solely on their feelings, just as Trump’s pride let’s him brag about his “greatness”. And Trump fuels their anger, aims it at critics, even entertains with it and shares thoughts of violence.

This election seems to be about Trump. But behind that, it’s about the forces of negativity, evil, and poor judgement. And while some may say that it’s about frustration with “the system,” Republican strategists have been obstructing the system for a long time, fueling people’s frustration instead of advocating positive changes that could make a difference.

The ends don’t justify the means

I’ve heard a few people justify voting for Trump because he says he’ll clean up immigration, protect American interests, create jobs, and make America win. I see little correlation between what he says and his campaign’s policy positions. Nor do I see in his character what he’ll need to support legislation through Congress. But even if I saw a hope of him doing good for America, the ends don’t justify us embracing evil.

A vote for Trump is a vote to condone evil. He violates civility, promotes negativity and meanness, and is willing to ridicule critics. A vote for Trump is a vote to nurture hatred and provoke anger. Let’s not allow our desperation for greatness entice us to partner with the Devil.

If PeopleCount can manage to launch, we’ll definitely let you vote on some of the issues Trump has raised. Whether or not we begin to hold our officials accountable, let’s elect someone who’s committed in both words as well as actions in having America be on the side of good.

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