Think Different and Fixing Politics is Possible

Consider how wrong we’ve been. A complete lunatic is president. He’s doing blatantly unconstitutional things, irresponsible things, immoral things, dangerous things. And we:

  • Didn’t see it coming
  • Let it happen by not being able to rally behind a less-hated candidate
  • Let it happen by not being able to give third parties a chance
  • Couldn’t even get senators to question the electoral college vote
  • Have no way of acting together to stop him

And yet, people are trying the same things. Raise money, sue, protest, march, complain.

We do what we know to do, not what works

Those are all the things we know to do. They’re standard political things. They are completely inside-the-box of our current political system, the system that’s failing us.

Think! Is there a doable, quick way of fixing American politics? Think of the solutions you know- each one takes at least one political fight and at least one change in the law. Those are NOT going to succeed.

It’s time to try something new. Very, very few of you seem to be able to think differently. And when you try, you expect to see something new quickly or you think it won’t work.

If you read my blog, you know I’m very bright and it took me months to find a real solution. It’s pretty simple, but it goes against our usual thinking. The solution is simple, but thinking about it is difficult.

Remember when flying was impossible

Think back to when no one could fly. What took being able to fly was a small team trying over and over and over again. They started with not just a belief that it was possible, but an understanding of the fundamental problem that was preventing a solution. They solved that and flying became a possibility.
The well-funded team believed in more powerful engines. They had lots of backing and resources and they never flew. Why did they think they needed a more powerful engine? Because it was easy to think that. They knew how to think that so they pursued it.

Wilbur and Orville thought they needed better control and a light plane. They worked to be successful with what they had. And they carefully calculated what they needed, performed experiments and measured. It took them about 7 years.

Let’s do this with politics- think different

PeopleCount has a brand-new political theory, created after months of a new analysis. Unlike other theories, it predicts the current dysfunction. This new analysis suggested a solution and that has now been worked on for years, with a lot more analysis. Every single part has been analyzed and planned for. In many hundreds of conversations, no insurmountable problem has been identified.

It’s now time to put a team together, complete the first version and start testing. Please, do your part. Add your email address to our announcement list and make a small donation.
Yes, we need people. But no, making a new party or supporting an old party or a new special interest group to attack one little piece of the problem isn’t going to help. There’s no science behind that. In fact, it’s exactly our dedication to those strategies that has gotten us into this mess.

Please, think different. Support PeopleCount today. Look around. We can’t afford to delay.

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