I Failed to Launch the Solution to our Political Problems

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Letter to the President

I designed the solution, but I failed to launch it. After outlining the problem and then stating the cause of the problem, this 3rd part tells why I failed.

Designing a solution wasn’t too hard once I identified what accountability was. I made a rigorous definition of it and applied it to politics. It’s a bit more difficult in politics because “the boss” is made up of millions of voters, so we all need to be able to work together. But it turns out that’s not too difficult.

It seems difficult because we seem divided. But I don’t mean “work together” to solve our problems. We just need to work together to hold politicians accountable. That doesn’t require discussions or even conversations, though it does require robust communication. (This is another misunderstanding most people have, that “communication” means having a conversation. That’s just one kind of communication.)

An accountability system

I designed an accountability system- a way for politicians to be accountable and citizens to hold them accountable. And it turned out to be very attractive to politicians. In fact, the six I managed to reach were even willing to be paying customers! Well, once I had a product.

And I talked with hundreds of citizens. About 80% were willing to try it. And there were millions of people in groups who would be the perfect first users. Growth looked quite doable. It would require a competent team, but the design is technically doable. So I looked to build a team.

I failed. I’m not well connected

I failed. I’m not well networked. I don’t know entrepreneurs or philanthropists with the resources or vision to make this kind of a difference. 

People listen to the president for direction and inspiration. They don’t listen like that to me. Most people are afraid of politics and sink back into the myths they know, like “you can’t change human nature” and “politicians are corrupt” and “it’ll never work”. Most people bring cynicism to both politics and new ventures. I almost put together a team twice. With funding, about $2 million, it’d be easy. But without funding, most people couldn’t consider it. I failed.

In the next part, I wrapped it up and made my pitch.

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