Together We will Fix American Democracy proposes a fix for American democracy, politics and government.

No one else proposes a fix

Our political system is broken. Our government no longer represents the people. For decades we’ve been powerless to stop our diminishing prosperity and growing debt. Citizens are resigned, largely disapprove of government, and increasingly avoid participating.

Some billionaires are trying to reform politics, as are many politicians, flush with money and followers. Political groups studying these problems abound, from the parties to special interest groups to consumer and industry groups. Professors weigh in, some touting new institutions or economics.

None of these piecemeal solutions address the systemic problem. All require expensive, slow, bloody battles- some pit Democrats against Republicans, some consumers against industry. All of them require a struggle between the status-quo and changes. And all depend on successfully using the broken political system. Some might succeed, but they’ll all just bandage over various symptoms. They will leave us with most of the same problems, and not much better equipped to handle them.

A real solution would solve our root problems. It would fix our political system so we can work together to solve the rest our problems quickly and without battles. Sure, some people will still fight. But we won’t have to have the institutionalized battles, divisiveness and gridlock.

The hard part is that we have to open our eyes. Some fraction of us will have to embrace the real status quo and support this change. After that, others will readily embrace it- it’ll be rewarding and easy.

A real solution will enable us to solve our problems

PeopleCount is designed to be the beginning of that real solution. It addresses the root cause of the problem. It requires no fight. It’s non-partisan. It’s not expensive or slow.

Our problems arise from cultural misunderstandings, cultural myths. These myths prevent us from seeing that we really don’t have a workable definition of “political accountability.” It’s not complicated, but to understand it, you do need to open your mind a bit. Begin with this series of 6 articles. It starts by describing how America has political accountability in its blind spot.

For more details, see this series of 9 articles about what a system that allows and supports political accountability would look like.


We’re struggling to make a first release in early September. We need funding to last much longer. The funds will go to salaries so a team can devote full-time effort to this. If we succeed, you’ll be able to stop donating to political candidates. Money will no longer determine elections. And your causes and special interests will be much more effective as well. While we plan on running a crowdfunding event at some point, that takes time, effort and money as well. Please don’t wait for that. Donate today.

PeopleCount is NOT a non-profit. Neither are we for-profit. We’re a Benefit Corporation, incorporated for the purpose of benefitting society. This allows us some flexibility, including the ability to become a non-profit if that looks to be sustainable.

Our mission:

To empower people
to be responsible for
and create
effective and accountable government

We do this to make a world that works for everyone, with no one left out.
We do this out of love.
– Rand Strauss, Founder

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