Real Democracy is Possible for the Future

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In this last section, I paint a picture of what’s possible for the future, and make an invitation. This is the fourth and final part, after 1- outlining the problem , 2-stating the cause of the problem, and 3- what happened last year.

The President regrets

President Obama, about a year ago, said he deeply regretted not healing, nor even lessening, the partisan divide. It’s too bad he wallowed in regret instead of convening a presidential commission on it. It’s too bad he didn’t make “improving politics” or “political reform” one of the subjects on the contact page. It was too bad that he didn’t respond to any of my letters.

The difference in the last election

With this system, a moderate and reasonable Republican could have won. And Bernie would have probably beaten Hillary. And Hillary would have certainly beaten Trump (none of them answered my letters.)  With this system in place, I believe centrist and moderate candidates would have won many more seats. And many more people would have voted.

What’s possible for the future?

With this system, we can make Congress function well. Pragmatic, problem-solving politicians can win many more seats in the next election. If we work quickly, w\e can even go far in holding Trump accountable (assuming he succeeds in gaining office.)

Once we have this system, what would we change? I predict the first things would be to enact all the fixes we’ve been wanting, to elections, to campaign financing, to conflicts of interest, to gerrymandering, and more. We can restore honesty and integrity to American politics and government.

What’s needed: A team

But I can’t do it alone. Can you help? Do you think President Obama would like his legacy to be transforming America into a functioning Democracy? Might he have some time soon to help me gather a team and some funding? Would you help?

I could write down all the details, but this letter is already too long. And the myths about why-politics-are-this-way are very compelling. I’m hoping this essay will open the possibility of a real solution. We’ll need to talk about the details.

Please, give me a call. Let’s talk. And please share with the president what’s possible for the future. Perhaps, coming from you, he’ll listen.

And then I sent it into the ether. Feedback? And please remember to join our announcement list.

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