A Real Solution

I looked at some posts on the Occupy Everywhere group on Linked-In. Just like the right-wing websites, there were tons of complaints.  But no one suggested a real solution!

“We need results!” is not a real solution

People say things like “we should do X” where X is some kind of result, but there are no realistic proposals to get it done. Though people talk about many problems, they aren’t the real problems, they’re just symptoms of the problem. The real problem is systemic- somethings wrong with our system of government that all of this can go on, that the people have tons and tons of complaints but lack the power to solve them.

The problem is deep – we don’t have a real democracy

The real problem is that we don’t have a real democracy now. We elect representatives, but they represent the parties, not us. Many try, but we can’t say clearly what we want, so they can’t hear us. Occupiers are a minority, and their message isn’t clear. Tea partiers are a minority, also with a very unclear message.

The problem continues because we keep trying to find out whose fault it is, but it is no one’s fault. Our system is supposed to be powered by people, but since we can’t organize ourselves and wield power, special interests step in. Since political communication is expensive (ads), the wealthy are in control. That’s just the way the system is. So our real problem is lack of effective political communication.

The real problem: Voters can’t really communicate

If we could easily and effectively communicate, Americans would be empowered to say what they wanted and hold their representatives accountable. “Accountable” means they report to us, account for their progress on issues. So we’d need some sort of reporting system. But what are they accountable for? They’d be accountable for what we collectively want, so our political communication would have to make this clear. Even better, they should be able to analyze our communication to come up with compromises. A solution would have to end “the silent majority.

Even if representatives knew what we wanted and were accountable for it, how would we HOLD them accountable? First, we, too, would have to know what we all want. And then we’d need to be able to vote for alternative candidates. For this, challengers would have to be able to report to us effectively, too, and inexpensively, so not just party adherents and the puppets of the rich could run for office.

Our real problem isn’t banks or the defense budget or special interests. Our real problem is that we can’t communicate effectively, and there’s no inexpensive political communication system for our representatives and challengers. If we focus on this, for a few million dollars we could give power back to the people.

A real solution starts with real communication

It all starts with us, all of us, communicating effectively on issues. If our voices were actually heard, and mattered, and it was quick and easy, lots of people would participate who are now frustrated and resigned. It’ll take a few years to overcome the current culture of resignation, complaint and cynicism, but within a decade we could have a real solution to our real problem. Once we do this, fixing all the symptoms will be easy.

This is our vision at PeopleCount.org, to transform our society. Politics will be us communicating with each other to design our future and candidates competing to represent us well. Government will merely be us working together. Your role is to take back your power by participating- register on the site and vote on issues, donate a few dollars, and ask your friends to join you.

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