We could have Wonderful Politics, in Six Months

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We can have wonderful politics, starting in 6 months.

Wonderful politics by design

Our government was designed, but not our political system. For a long time now, its purpose has been to enable powerful political groups to fight for control of America. That’s what it’s good for- fighting. Not just party against party, but candidate against candidate and even voter against voter.

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The Benefits of PeopleCount: You’ll Love Politics

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Wonderful Politics in 6 mo

With PeopleCount, you’ll love politics. You’ll love the experience. In the last two articles, we looked at how politicsĀ could be wonderful, and then we looked at the costs. Here, we’ll look at the benefits.

Your experience: Satisfied, Responsible, Confident about the future

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