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What PeopleCount is Not

Working alone on PeopleCount is neither fun nor sustaining. I find it compelling, but until there’s a team and some backing, it isn’t even fulfilling. I try to blog, to develop SEO (so you can easily find us via search engines), and to create a body of work that others can reference, to assure the idea isn’t lost.

PeopleCount is a new idea. It’s hard to understand by Americans today. It’s not that difficult, but most people think they have a grasp on our political system and what’s wrong. Most people can’t see that America’s political system was poorly designed for today’s world, and that accountability is missing, Until they see these, there’s no room for the idea of a solution, no matter how simple and effective it is.

Yet if PeopleCount were finished and launched, people would use it. It would have its intended effects even without people understanding it. This is unlikely, because investors are even more close-minded. They insist on proven results first.

It’s okay that my work on PeopleCount isn’t yet rewarding. What matters is that it’s needed. What matters is that it brings forth results.

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