There have been accomplishments, both wins as well as lots of challenges overcome.
  • I summoned the courage to give up working. Twice.
  • I found ICount as a partner.
  • I developed the biggest list on the internet of government-transformation sites
  • I talked to all of the founders that would take my calls.
  • I built a prototype with very compromised technology
  • I stepped up to “become a visionary”
  • I reached many groups and tor their agreement to send many millions of members to PeopleCount when it launches
  • I spent many, many nights and weekends reaching lots of people and talking with them
  • I actually listened to them
  • I contacted and met with a political author
  • After he gave a talk, I gave billionaire Tom Steyer a 1-minute pitch. He said it sounded promising and gave me his card. No one ever answered his phone or returned any of about a hundred phone messages and emails.
  • I was contacted by the UN and met with a guy- he’s interested once it’s up and running- the UN wants a way to represent people, not just governments.
  • I spent some money on marketing help, got some articles published and learned about marketing consultants.
  • Developed very promising marketing and launch plans
  • Let it go after 8 months and found a job in 2013
  • Continuing to work on it in the background
  • Took it up full time again in 2015
  • Came up with a key improvement, and later, a post-MVP killer feature
  • Found a partner, worked through most of the details,
  • Was heartbroken when he bailed, but didn’t give up,
  • Handled severe, episodic depression since 2016, never gave in to the cynical meaning of the emotions, but accepted that severe failure effects the mind.
  • Committing to work with a business coach for a year
  • Began regular blogging
  • Tried to build MVP (first product) using offshore help
  • Found 2 real partners, one to manage the offshore team
  • Wasn’t stopped when the offshore team proved dishonest
  • Found a team with good references
  • Took over the everything when one partner was in a car accident and the other was consumed by a divorce,
  • Fired team 2 when they proved to be incompetent
  • Tried a third team and fired them quickly for dishonesty.
  • Found a fourth team and worked with them
  • Built and rebuild much of the code myself, including learning 3 new technologies
  • Let team 4 go when they reached their limit and couldn’t deliver what was promised
  • Searched for others who could pick up the work and tried some consultants
  • Found a 5th team- two Americans
  • Let them go when they insisted on changing the tech, but cut huge corners on the functionality
  • Kept successfully handling the depression
  • Gave up when the election became too close to launch
  • Continued to blog (370 articles are published on the blog)
  • Found a new job
  • Continue to work on PeopleCount nights and weekends, without a break
  • Found new people to work with
  • Constantly maturely handle people not keeping their word.
  • Keep reaching out

Best wishes…

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