We could have Wonderful Politics, in Six Months

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We can have wonderful politics, starting in 6 months.

Wonderful politics by design

Our government was designed, but not our political system. For a long time now, its purpose has been to enable powerful political groups to fight for control of America. That’s what it’s good for- fighting. Not just party against party, but candidate against candidate and even voter against voter.

But a new political system could have a new purpose:

Enable all Americans to design our future together.

And it could start in about 6 months. PeopleCount has it all planned, both the hard part, how a system would operate to fulfill this purpose, and the other hard parts:

  • Designing a system that will work
  • Launching it and having it grow quickly
  • Making it self-sustaining while not for-profit
  • Ensuring it’s non-partisan, protects voter privacy and won’t be corrupted

Should you donate, or help?

PeopleCount has designed it, but needs your donations to finish building it. At the moment, we have no funding. No one is working on it full-time.

I am an excellent problem solver and software engineer. I think I’d be a good manager, too, and a great leader while PeopleCount is small. But I have neither the team nor the network needed to put one together. With funding, it can be done. Without funding, the political system won’t change.

What will a donation produce?

On PeopleCount, a candidate will be able to run a very effective political campaign for under $100k, about 1/15th the cost of the average successful campaign in 2012. This will both reduce the corrupting influence of money as well as allow new candidates to run. With Congress accountable to us, we’ll be able to get them to pass the excellent anti-corruption legislation that was proposed almost a decade ago.

These inexpensive campaigns will be more effective than any campaign today. Campaigns will no longer need to bombard people with sound-bites and plea after plea for more money. Instead, they will reach most voters, develop close relationships with them, and leave them much better informed about what each politician really offers.

As a voter, instead of seeing ads and hearing sound bites, you’ll be interacting with the candidate. You’ll not only hear how she will serve you, but you’ll practice holding her accountable, together with the rest of the constituency. This is the same accountability you’ll have after the election.

Do you want this? Help make it happen

The next two posts will be about the costs of PeopleCount and the benefits.

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