For Political Parties, Incumbent Benefits

There are 3 more benefits to add to the last post. One is during the campaign, too. The others are wholly incumbent benefits.

Less expensive campaigns, better candidates

Lots of people don’t run for office because it’s such a pain to ask for money and it’s so hard to run against incumbents. PeopleCount will lessen the advantage of an incumbent who’s not serving the people well. If most voters are on PeopleCount, the costs for communicating with all voters will be about 1/30th of the average cost of a winning campaign today.

After getting to office, politicians want to serve the public. Today, elected officials must spend 2-5 hours per day fundraising. It’s a huge pain. With PeopleCount, they won’t have to. They’ll be in close communication with constituents for very low cost. At these rates, publicly-funded campaigns become very attractive.

How often do you get candidates that can campaign, but not perform in office? Or they can perform, but campaign poorly so they don’t get into office? With PeopleCount, it’ll be a much more similar skill-set. People who will be good in office will be able to campaign well.

Plus, our fees will go down as we become successful. Our mission is not to make a profit. Our articles of incorporation are very specific. Our mission is to serve the public.

Incumbent Benefits: Truly promise “working across the aisle”

You’ll be in touch with ALL your voters. Even when you’re advocating very partisan positions, representing the majority of your voters, you’ll be able to know and communicate with the other side.

And so will the members of Congress on the other side. They’ll be pulled to represent all the people, just like you. They’ll be much easier to work with.

Incumbent Benefits: Make America Great, work effectively in Congress

Currently, Congress is dysfunctional. Often, many Americans are disappointed in Congress’ lack of performance.

With PeopleCount, that will no longer happen on issues where America agrees. In districts where that happens, your challenger will be reporting to all the people about what would be better.

Let’s say you’re a centrist in a district where an extremist is in office. Perhaps they’re an obstructionist or trying to pass radical changes. As a challenger, you can say, “Sure, I’m not as dramatic. But I’m not running to shake things up, except where they’re not doing what you want. I’m running as your representative. I’ll not only pass laws that you want, but our example will cause voters in other districts to get rid of their extremists. Rather than bills that forward a radical agenda, we’ll pass bills that solve problems and improve the country.

By making it possible for some politicians to be accountable, PeopleCount will put immense pressure on all politicians to be accountable. It’ll be a very strong pull to the center. This will allow many more bills to be passed, bills you’ll be proud of. Your voters will be happier and America will have a much better future.

That’s the kind of performance your party wants to deliver- solid improvements in the areas where voters want change.

Call us. Help us make this happen.

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