Strategically, Is Political Fighting the Only Option?

Strategically, is fighting the only option?

They have a party, we have a party. They have some wealthy donors plus grass-roots support, so do we. They have a powerful propaganda machine and no ethics constraining their statements. Our communication… well, it’s pretty random. To my thinking, there’s little.

Is communication another option?

What would a communication system look like that supported all Democrats, or better, everyone who’s not supporting Trump, communicating? Maybe even everyone?
Corporations have lots of power and money. How many hours per day do we have to spend with these inefficient campaigns to balance it? We’re not even sure we can beat it- so far, they’re winning most state-houses plus the national balance of power.
Why has almost no one designed a communication system to remedy this? It’s great that so many are willing to fight. We need that. But are we so committed to fighting that we ignore a new strategy that can outflank the corrupt?

Should a portion of our resources go into a new strategy?

Put another way, what percent of our resources should go toward an effort to change the political system?

I’m biased in this. I’ve seen a real solution. But from the trenches, it looks too far-fetched. We have a “culture.” It’s built of truisms that we traffic in daily that are not true. They’re convincing because we believe them, retell them, and our behaviors are synced with them. Those truths keep our vision inside-the-box. Yet with less than a percent of our political resources, we could change the paradigm of politics.

The current allocation isn’t working

Lots of people are certainly doing lots of different things. I’ve seen 4 types of efforts.

  1. Traditional political support for candidates
  2. Traditional political action and organizations
  3. Future thinkers
  4. Individuals trying to launch new ideas

The first two groups are the mainstay of our fight for a better future and a better-run America. We have some wins, but in the balance of power so far, we’re losing.

The future-thinkers seem to be doing nothing that can help. They’re too far in the future and working on small aspects of futuristic systems or problems we don’t have yet. They’re fine, and I hope someday what they’ve learned will be useful, but today it’s not.

The fourth group are trying to try new things, and are largely unsupported. Many that I’ve met even have a mindset that they’ll continue to be unsupported. I wish them luck.

We’re not supporting an new option

To me, it looks like we’re not supporting a real alternative. We’re stuck in the current paradigm, fighting a losing battle. Even if we win and gain some ground in the next election, we’ll still have the exact same dysfunctional system that put Obama in office and then lost control of both houses and lost even more ground in states.

Is that what you want? I’m offering a real alternative.  From what I’ve seen, it’s the only other option that’s realistic. The few people who’ve studied it started out thinking it wouldn’t work. After a lot of effort, they began to see a new possibility. It takes work to understand it. It takes work to unearth the cultural myths that cloud our view. On the other hand, we know how to divert a small percentage of our resources.

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