The Political System doesn’t Work. No Systems Work.

One of the enduring fallacies of humanity is that systems work. Systems don’t work, so we shouldn’t demonize them. Whether it’s Democracy, Socialism, Monarchy, Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. Systems don’t work. They work somewhat, sometimes. They might seem to work at times, even wonderfully. But it’s not that a system works. It’s that people are making the system work. Continue reading

Only You can Create Political Accountability that Supports Real Democracy

As a Jew today, loosely affiliated with a reform congregation, I’m proud of our morality to live a life as an example to others, our duty to fix an imperfect world, and that our highest holiday has us atone for our own imperfections and mistakes. At the same time, the religion seems to me to have other faults. A big one is that we have a brutal and primitive history. We rarely dwell on how susceptible we all are to basic faults that allow such evil. Continue reading