Summary of PeopleCount

Summary: PeopleCount proposes a web and phone-based communication and accountability system for politics. 

Voters:  Guiding and judging politicians.

Voters will:

  • Vote on issues (1-5 questions per issue, usually)
  • See the results, for your district, state and the country
  • Check a box “demanding” short monthly reports from your members of Congress and their challengers.
  • Grade the reports
  • See average grades

Politicians:  Represent and be accountable to voters

Congressional politicians, incumbents and challengers can:

  • Report to voters on the issues important to the voters
  • Receive grades from voters
  • Promise to always deliver this reliable form of accountability
  • Create a relationship of accountability with voters
  • See stats on voters, demographics, and their opinions
  • Be free of the need for expensive campaigns
  • Be free of the need for strict party adherence and extremists
  • For a low monthly maximum based on voter participation

Summary of what people say:

I’ve talked to:

  • About 700 potential users – people are initially negative, but will try it.
  • Six challengers – they were very interested.
  • My representative – is dubious but would use it if voters do.
  • Groups with over a million members – they’ll send their members to vote on their issue, so the site attracts more people to vote on it

Everyone capable of sponsoring it wants it proven first. Completing and launching the beta without funding is challenging.

About 20% think it’s like some other site.  I’ve done extensive research– it’s not. And in its similarities with other sites, it’ll be different- I’ve tried them. They are deeply flawed.

We could even use it with Trump. It helps if the person wants to be re-elected, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Would Trump argue with grades from the public? Probably. And we could certainly influence Congress to reign Trump in.

Much more is possible, with news/media, with services for special interests, and with other bi-partisan and solution-oriented groups that are not gaining traction.

PeopleCount will:

  • Make money much less important in elections
  • Make campaigns more competitive
  • Allow politicians to move toward the center
  • Free politicians from being accountable to large donors and parties
  • Make voters better informed and act more responsibly

What’s wrong with politics

What’s wrong with politics today is that there’s no system of communication. Political communication is poor and expensive. Most voters have a sense of powerlessness and no relationship with their representatives. Politics is a contest for power, often a personality contest. Without a communication system, people yell, call each other names and make accusations.

What’s possible

Politics could simply be how we communicate to design our future.

Please add your name to our announcement list. See this article for other interesting posts.

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