You can’t Prove that Fixing Democracy is Impossible

Most people think that politics can’t be fixed. When I ask them if it can be fixed, most say, “That’s impossible!” But they can’t prove it. They’re guessing. Most people think that if the answer isn’t obvious, there’s no answer. Most people think that even if the answer is not obvious, if you tell them the answer, they’ll understand it. Often they’re right. But sometimes, such as with fixing politics, they’re mistaken. Continue reading

Contest Entry: Accountable Democracy with PeopleCount

There’s a National Geographic “Chasing Genius” contest. I just finished my entry. They wanted a 60-second video, so I rushed through this one (link to it on YouTube)

Here’s my entry. Note that every part had very small character-count limits…

ENTRY TITLE: Add Accountability to the US Political System
to pass environmental, health care legislation, + more


The US political system has no real accountability built-in. It happens in a relationship, with communication. I designed a rewarding system to deliver excellent political communication among voters and between voters and politicians.

Politicians will compete to do what The People want.
Expensive campaigns won’t help.
Great legislation addressing climate change and health care will pass quickly.


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We could have Wonderful Politics, in Six Months

We can have wonderful politics, starting in 6 months.

Wonderful politics by design

Our government was designed, but not our political system. For a long time now, its purpose has been to enable powerful political groups to fight for control of America. That’s what it’s good for- fighting. Not just party against party, but candidate against candidate and even voter against voter.

But a new political system could have a new purpose: Continue reading